Beside workspaces Maui also has a few rooms available on 5 minutes walking distance from the coworking.

Our co-living is on a top floor and has 4 big rooms, all with a view. The rooms have lots of natural light and 3 rooms have a balcony, one room has a private bathroom as well. There is a big living room and kitchen and a space for laundery.

We started this co-living to help people out who want to settle in Barcelona and need some time to find the right room or flat, or for those who plan to continue their travels after a month or 2.

We have a fixed rate of 730 € per month per room, it includes all expenses and as well a flex membership for the coworking. We aim to rent per month, if there is gap between monthly rentals we could also rent per week.

If you are interested to stay in our co-living let us know and we’re happy to give more info and send photos of the available rooms.