The Paddle Club

Daily Sunrise Paddle Sessions!

From May until November we go for a sunrise paddle from 7 to 8:30 almost every day! During winter we still go at least 1 time a week)

Around 3 pm the wind typically increases and the waves get bigger, a good moment for a shoulder & arms workout on the paddleboard!

After 7 pm the sea usually starts to return to a more calm state and it’s perfect for a relaxed evening paddle cool down or Paddle Yoga.

Occasionally we go in the night, the new moon is one of those rare moments when you can be in darkness in the middle of the sea with a beautiful panorama of the Barcelona city lights.

How It Works

We are in a WhatsApp group, if someone wants to go just drop a message, and others can join or know the boards are out at that moment.
Always there is 1 experienced surfer who joins to handle the boards and show the newbies the basics.

How can I join?

You send us a WhatsApp and we’ll send you the invitation link to join the group.