The Paddle Club

Daily Sunrise Paddle Sessions!

From June until mid Oktober we go for a sunrise paddle almost every day! During winter we still go at least 1 time a week πŸ™‚

Summer routines

The sea is calmest in the early morning, perfect for beginners and those who like to enjoy the elements rather than battling them.

After a morning of sun warming up the sea the thermal wind typically increases after lunch time and the waves get bigger, a good moment for a shoulder & arms workout on the paddle board!

As the sun sets the sea usually returns to calm state and it’s perfect for a relaxed evening cool down paddle or Paddle Yoga.

Occasionally we go in the night, the new moon is one of those rare moments when you can be in darkness in the middle of the sea with a beautiful panorama of the Barcelona city lights.

Winter Challenge

Durning winter we go paddle around lunch time, when the sun is hottest. We have a wetsuits to make it comfortable with the cold water.

How It Works

We have a private WhatsApp group for our members so you can see what days & time we are going and easily book.

Always there is 1 experienced paddle surfer who joins to handle the boards and show the newbies the basics.

How can I join?

Send us a message and we’ll send you the WhatsApp invitation to join the group.

What’s Included

We include all the equipment you need and if there is some time we can make a coffee or tea )


β€’ Board
β€’ Paddle
β€’ Wetsuit (in winter)
β€’ Basic Instructions
β€’ Coffee

β€’ Your SUP Photo’s, on request while booking or available on the day the photographer is joining
We have a photographer who sometimes joins with 2 go-pros for underwater and Dome photos/video’s.

Weekend Group Booking

If you want to paddle with a group of friends for a birthday or other special occasion (min 4 max 8) you can choose the time you want to paddle but be aware its better to paddle early to avoid the wind.

Plus for group bookings at weekends we can prepare a nice healthy breakfast or brunch for an extra €7 per person.

Reserve your spot!

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Tips for beginners: Keeping balance & How to stroke



Tips for advanced: Better stroke & Riding waves



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The Paddle Club

Daily Sunrise Paddle Sessions! From June until mid Oktober we go for a sunrise paddle almost every day! During winter ...
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