Personal workplace, Flex desks, Offices

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SUP - Standing Up Paddle, Thai & Sport Massage, Yoga Classes, Cocktail Bar

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Photo Studio & Project Space

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Flex Desk

You can switch easy between talking and quiet areas, starting from 110€ a month.
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Personal Desk

Your own desk, starting from 150€ a month.
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Office Spaces

Starting from 350€/m
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What people say about MAUI Beach CoWork

Watercolor Workshops with Tatiana

Welcome to our evening of creativity! Every Friday professional teacher Tatiana Diakova (instagram: diakova_art ) conducts the watercolor workshops which are adapted for different skill levels. The idea is to switch from the office mode to artistic, relaxed and fulfilling,...

World Clean Up Day

Think globally, act locally! World Cleanup Day is celebrated internationally in over 180 countries. We invite you to join the biggest civic action against waste in human history. Come to Poblenou, to Maui Coworking at C/Perello 74 in Poblenou, learn,...

The Paddle Club

Daily Sunrise Paddle Sessions! From May until November we go for a sunrise paddle from 7 to 8:30 almost every day! During winter we still go at least 1 time a week) Around 3 pm the wind typically increases and...

Paddle Trips

Discover Special Places by SUP We sometimes take the paddle boards and go out of the city to discover the beautiful cliffs, caves, and lagunes around Barcelona! Just 60km to the North the long sandy beaches turn into cliffs and...