Personal workplace, Flex desks, Offices

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SUP - Standing Up Paddle, Thai & Sport Massage, Yoga Classes, Cocktail Bar

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Photo Studio & Project Space

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Flex Desks

New day, new mood.. Switch between all flex areas
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Personal Desk

Your own space at Maui!
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Office & Team Spaces

We have 10 offices and 3 team spaces
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Massage with Alejandro

Thursday’s sessions Put that call with your boss on mute and join Alejandro for a quick 20 minutes massage! You can also cancel those video meetings all together for the day and go for a 40 or 60 minutes massage...

Coworking Open Day

Welcome at MAUI Beach Cowork! From time to time we open our doors via a Meetup event so you can enjoy our coworking and activities just for a day with reduced prices 🙂 07h – Sunrise Paddle Surf (SUP) 09h...

Life drawing with nude model

Live drawing sessions starting again! Keep an eye on our Meet-Up page for announcements. We have paper and pencils, and clip-boards with small lamps to hold the papers, but you can also bring your own materials of course. There will...

Yoga Classes

Paulina discovered yoga as a spiritual practice while living in Bali for several years. She completed several YTTCs in India, focusing on Vinyasa Flow, Hatha, Yin and Tantra. As a yoga teacher and intuitive artist, she creates a link between...

Watercolor Workshops

Welcome to our evening of creativity! Every Friday professional teacher Tatiana Diakova (instagram: diakova_art) conducts the watercolor workshops which are adapted for different skill levels. The idea is to switch from the office mode to artistic, relaxed and fulfilling, create...

The Paddle Club

Daily Sunrise Paddle Sessions! From June until mid Oktober we go for a sunrise paddle almost every day! During winter we still go at least 1 time a week 🙂 Summer routines The sea is calmest in the early morning,...

Ceramic with Aruma

  4 elements, with Aruma. Write us and tell us about your project or personal interests and we will accompany and advise you on the ceramic process to carry it out. Convert your ceramic ideas to real objects! We have...

Paddle Trips

Discover Special Places by SUP We sometimes take the paddle boards and go out of the city to discover the beautiful cliffs, caves, and lagunes around Barcelona! Just 60km to the North the long sandy beaches turn into cliffs and...