Enjoy a daily lunch at Maui for just around the cost of shopping!

Welcome to the Maui Cooking-Club, we are a non-profit community based kitchen.

The idea is if co-workers who like cooking prepare a dish that is typical from their country we get to taste the original food from all over the world on daily basis! But that’s not a ‘rule’, any healhy dish will do 🙂

Most of the time the meals are vegetarian or there is a vegi or vegan option, these are some of the popular plates;

Taco Tuesdays — Thai Curry — Sushi — Suriname Roti Massala — Salmon Wraps — Indian Butter Dahl — Dutch Hutspot — Paella — Fish & Chips — Boulettes Bourguignon — Minty Cous Cous — Indonesian Sate

To see more have a look at the Maui Menu!

Guest Cook

Because many co-workers don’t have the time to prepare lunch we also have a guest cook who is coming 2 days a week to spoil us. Our cook MANU is a very talented Argentinian cook with love for Asian and South-American cuisine.

Cooking Classes

From time to time we have cooking classes, popular is the Roll-Your-Own Sushi lunch with Sushi-master Leo and the Pizza dough making sessions with chef Chris. We would like to organise more classes, if you have any special cooking skills and like to show us you are very welcome!

Join the Club!

Members save around 25% or 50% discount on every lunch 🙂

The contribution for the club is between €6 and €12 a month. The contribution is reviewed every 3 months and adjusted a few euro up or down in order to keep the kitchen-wallet on zero loss/profit. All the money movements of this club are open for members to see, the idea is to keep the prices as low as possible so coworkers can join the lunch on a daily basis and save time shopping and cooking!

Lunch prices:

€4,00 – Members who cook once a month + free meal the day you cook!
€6,00 – Cooking-Club Members
€8,00 – Guests