Cooking Map


To make the shopping in Barcelona more handy for specific products we’re highlighting some trees in the forest ) If you have any suggestions for shops to be added to this list let us know!

BCN Shopping Map

One stop market for Asian Cooking

Supermercat Yang Kuang is a big Asian supermarket at Arc de Triomf with beside a ton of Asian sauses and pastes and noodles etc also a great walk-in-fridge of 3×3 meter where you can find;
– Fresh Spring unions
– Fresh Oyster & Shiitake mushrooms
– Big fresh bush of Koriander (Cilandro)
– Cooled Arroy 1L Coco-Milk – 80% Cocos
– All sorts of cooled Tufu
All this for good prices!

Getting fresh herbs close to Maui

So many grocery shops in the neighbourhood but when you are off to find fresh herbs like Basil or Mint you find 90% of the shops only offer small quantities wrapped in lots of plastic, but for the same price you can find a big fresh bundle at these local shops )

La Fruteria De La Rambla > Right at the entrance there is a fridge with all kinds of fresh herbs.

Fruites i Verdures Agustina > Fresh Mint & Basil

A taste of Home

A taste of Home is a supermarket with imported products from the Netherlands, UK and germany.

The Dutch are influenced by the Indonesian and Surinamese kitchen, and so in this super you can find your favourite Indonesian sauses that you would otherwise only find in a Dutch supermarket )

Same goes for the English who love their House of Parliament Sause for example (HP-Sause is now made in Holland by Heinz by the way;) …All here in this market!

Plastic-free Granel Shop

Jaime J. Renobell > Tip from Cara; “I love this shop to buy in bulk & plastic-free, at more reasonable prices than for example the granel shops in Gracia..”

Gluten Free, good quality from near suppliers

Emi Carles > Tip from Ines; “For Meat mostly, is a small shop from Tetuan area, been working for ages keeping the meat and cheeses and all product gluten free, natural and good quality and from near suppliers. Not cheap, but eating well and good things sometimes is not cheap.”