Cooking at Maui

Our Kitchen

We hope you’ll enjoy cooking in our lovely outdoor kitchen! Beside all the regular kitchen items we have some extras like a 400ΒΊ pizza oven, a gas BBQ, everything to make Sushi and 2 big Paella pans & gas stoves. In the storage closet you’ll find all kinds of herbs and we’re starting to grow or our own herbs like Basil and Koriander πŸ™‚

Do I have the right Cooking Skills?

Yes for sure! Don’t worry about your cooking skills, there is no high standard.. any food creation will do ) Most members have a favourite dish they repeat every month or 2 months, like that it’s easy to get a routine in shopping and cooking for more people.

For how many people would I be cooking?

The average of people joining a lunch is around 12 per day, but if it’s a day many people sign up, or if you are preparing a complicated dish you can set a limit on the sign-ups or ask a sous-chef to help you out, the sous-chef also eats for free πŸ™‚

What do I need to do?

In the WhatsApp you can announce your meal the day before around 18h so people have time to sign up and know that they don’t need to prepare food at home for the next day.

The sign-up list usually closes at 11h so there is enough time for shopping and cooking. People have different schedules so it’s best to aim lunch time around 13h.