We offer free co-working days in exchange for light reception work.

The job;

  • Show visitors the place and give contact info.
  • Looking a bit after the place during the day.

On average these tasks take about an hour in total, spread throughout the day.  So you can be at Maui to work on your own things, and when needed you would be available to take a moment to attend to one of the reception tasks.

You’ll be part of a small reception team, with a schedule that is managed between yourselves via a google calendar.

For more info please send us a message and we’re looking forward to meet you soon!


You can organise your classes or events at Maui, we have a spaces that are suitable for 5 to 15 people and a space that is bigger that is suitable up to 50 people.

Here are some examples of events we can host;

  • Live-drawing evenings, entry fee 10pp, possible up to 30 people.
  • Movie nights, entry fee 3 euro, possible up to 30 people.
  • Photography classes / workshops, entry fee variable.
  • Meet-ups, entry fee variable.

We provide our Meet-up, FB and Instagram groups for publicity, and for course our Maui Community is interested to know whats happening 🙂 If you would like to give a class or create an event we would be happy to meet and look for a collaboration!