Offices and team-spaces

At Maui we have 2 locations next to each other, 1 of them is set up for teams to work together in a private office or in a team-area separated from the regular desks.

We have several Private Offices at Maui

  • Office suitable for 1-3 persons.
  • Office suitable for 1-4 persons.
  • Office suitable for max 5 people.
Office suitable for 8 persons. [Available from 1 january 2022]

Beside the offices are the Team-Areas

  • Team-Area for max 3 people.
  • Team-Area for max 5 people.

Subscriptions start or end on the 1st of a calendar month. In case you sign up halfway through the calendar month the price for the remaining days will be calculated based on the normal monthly price. The termination period for an office is 1 month.

For more info or a visit please contact us!