Event Space / Gallery

A floor for Meetings, Presentations, Dance & Art!

We have an event space just around the corner from Maui, the total space is 120 meter of which the event floor is 80 meter max, with walls on wheels it’s scalable to any size.

It’s suitable for private meetings, piano concerts, presentations with projector, events like movie screenings and art exhibitions or dance rehearsals. Especially for art exhibitions we have installed 18 directional spotlights.

There is a mini bar, a lounge area, also we have 6 big tables of 240 x 0,60 meter. Together they can form a table of 7,20 x 1,20 meter and can hold 28 people. In a setting of 3 big individual tables a max of 36 people can join.

It’s rentable by the hour per day or per week, please ask us for the options or to arrange a visit.