Watercolor Workshops

Welcome to our evening of creativity!

Every Friday professional teacher Tatiana Diakova (instagram: diakova_art) conducts the watercolor workshops which are adapted for different skill levels. The idea is to switch from the office mode to artistic, relaxed and fulfilling, create new connections, explore different materials, approaches and technics and bring home a beautiful artwork painted with your own hands!)

The workshop is adapted to a beginner’s level (every time people who never painted before are getting surprised with the result they achieve!) But also the process will be interesting for those who draw or paint already. For architects, designers and illustrators it’s a good way to discover a new technique and material and make new contacts)

All materials are included so there is no need to bring anything. The process will take 2-2,5 hours.

For more info and photos please visit my Meetup page!

Welcome to our evening of creativity in the atmospheric studio with beach vibes:)

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