Flex Desk

Go Flex between Maui 1 and 2!

We have several flex areas divided over our 2 buildings next to each other, in total around 400m2. The ground floor in Maui-1 is an all Flex area. Just like the buildings the flex floors are also divided between a quiet floor, a more lively floor and an area for those who need to make calls. If you would like to try a day please let us know!

Flex full-time: 170€ a month

Flex part-time: 115€ for 10 days a month

Flex 5 days/week: 75€ for 5 days a month.

Flex Day-By-Day: 20€ for a Daypass

• Sign up for a longer period and beside the discount you can use unused days during the next months!
3 months sign-up: 10€/month discount
6 months sign-up: 20€/month discount (not available for 5-days deal)
• When signing-up for 3 months, 1 month deposit is required. When signing up op for 6 months, 2 months deposit are required.
For more info or a visit please contact us!
• All prices are incl. 21% taxes.