Flex Desk

Go Flex between Maui 1, 2 and 3!

We have several flex areas divided over our 3 buildings next to each other, in total around 300m2. The ground floor in Maui-1 is an all Flex area, also the quiet area upstairs in Maui-3 is dedicated to Flex. Just like the buildings the flex floors are also divided between a quiet floor, a more lively floor and a area for those who need to make calls. If you would like to try a day please let us know!

Flex full-time: 130€ a month

Sign up for a longer period and receive discounts up to 20€ a month!
120€/month > join us for 3 months and pay only 120 a month.
110€/month > best value on the 6 months deal!

Flex part-time: 90€ for 10 days a month.

Sign up for a longer period and beside the discount you can use unused days during the next months!
80€/month > if you join for 3 months.
70€/month > only 70 a month when you sign up for half a year!


• All prices are excl. 21% taxes.
• Subscriptions start or end on the 1st of a calendar month. In case you sign up halfway through the calendar month the price for the remaining days will be calculated based on the normal monthly price.

For more info or a visit please contact us!